Machane Chodosh



Machane Chodosh offers everything needed for a wholesome and fulfilling Jewish life to its members and worshippers, as well as to the entire community.

Serving the community since 1939, Congregation Machane Chodosh is a vibrant and warm Synagogue with the unique quality of making Jews from diverse religious backgrounds and orientation feel welcome, at home and spiritually enriched. Our Senior Rabbi, Rabbi Manfred Gans has been leading our congregation since 1950, he is a Rabbi renowned in Queens and beyond, for his insight, his wide knowledge of Jewish history and philosophy and his eloquent and thought provoking speeches. His personal attention to the needs of each and every member is legendary. Rabbi Yossi Mendelson has been with our congregation since 2010. His warm likeable personality, inspiring and thought provoking sermons and classes, and the interactive, lively and accessible service he leads are really one of a kind. Rabbi Gans and Rabbi Mendelson are both “peoples’ Rabbis” who view their place in the rabbinate as being there for their community. Machane Chodosh is a member Synagogue of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America.

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