Dori Doors

Door Design, Repair, and Installation

The Client

Dori Doors provides full service door design, repair, and installation to the New York City area, as well as providing a wide range of door hardware products. They service corporate entities like management companies and banks, institutional venues like hospitals and schools. And residential properties like homes or apartments. They install and repair interior and exterior doors, building entrances, glass storefronts, custom metal doors, as well as many other services.

Our Solution

Our website for Dori Doors balances a cool and clean color palate with a minimal layout and an emphasis on practical functionality. Every separate service that Dori Doors provides is broken down in detail for the site visitor, with extensive information. There is a highly researched FAQ section coupled with a blog, where custom-written entries stimulate and inform site visitors with relevant news, information, and tips related to lock, doors, and locksmithing services. The entire site is optimized for primary search results, as well as being social media optimized.


  • Minimal, stylish website
  • Detailed Service Pages
  • Informative Blog
  • SEO Optimization
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